• Mission Statement

    The West Cape May Elementary school aspires to cultivate the educational, social, emotional, and creative talents of our students through rigorous academic standards, innovative teaching strategies, practical use of technology, and strong family and community involvement. All students will be educated using the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for grades  Pre-K through 6.

    • We believe in the concept of a local community school. 

    • We believe that every person has the right to a safe and nurturing school environment.

    • We believe that we have the responsibility to treat each person with respect.

    • We believe that nurturing creativity is a critical element in the learning process.

    • We believe that the school shares the responsibility with family and community in promoting positive social skills.

    • We believe that the quality of education depends upon the quality of teachers in the classroom.

    • We believe that the inclusion of special needs students in regular education classrooms enrich every child's education.

    • We believe that we have a responsibility to teach and model ethical behavior.